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Smart green wall and healthy indoor air as a service

Giving proper consideration to the air quality in a wide variety of indoor spaces is often a complicated process. Naava offers as a service smart green walls that the company monitors and guides remotely on the basis of sensor data. Updateable and modular walls can be moved to new premises once a contract expires.



There is an increased need to guarantee the air quality and attractiveness of business premises. Addressing these issues requires, for example, replacing air filters, caring for plants and regularly replacing them, and other efforts that are not part of a company’s core business. Usually, these services need to be bought separately from several different operators.

Solution: nature and healthy indoor air as a service

Naava produces furniture-shaped, intelligent green walls, which purify and humidify the air in addition to having pleasing aesthetic qualities. The company takes care of the green walls and maintains them on the customer’s behalf. Naava’s automated system remotely controls each unit’s operations by using sensor data received from each unit. Artificial intelligence and remote control reduce the number of service visits and the amount of necessary logistics – Naava knows the precise condition of each product and when, for example, water containers need to be filled.

Revenue logic and benefits to Naava

The green walls are sold to customers as a service for a specified contract period. The contract period may range from a few months to several years. The service package includes being responsible for the maintenance and quality of the product. Green walls can also be refreshed by changing the lighting, for example. The benefit to Naava of the products offered as services is that they can be directly transferred to new premises if the customer does not want to extend the contract after the agreement period.

Benefits to customers and end users

The customer does not have to acquire, maintain and service similar solutions internally. The customer receives a product that increases humidity and cleans the air, while also serving as an aesthetic green wall. Offering the products as services encourages Naava to focus on quality, so that the products last a long time. In addition, the product can be acquired for an agreed period of time, after which the customer can discontinue its use without having to figure out what to do with it. Because of their modularity, Naava’s green walls can also be moved if the floor plan or the way the premises are used is altered.

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