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Stay in unforgettable accommodation when travelling

Learning about the local culture at the grass-roots level is no longer only for backpackers and adventurers. Airbnb, Couchsurfing and other accommodation services make it possible for anyone to stay with locals instead of a hotel and have a memorable travel experience – and maybe make some new friends as well!


Savings: Home accommodation via Couchsurfing, for example, is free and Airbnb lodging is often less expensive than hotels. Choosing home accommodation will save several hundred euros from your travel budget, which you can then use for other experiences.

Remember this: Staying with a stranger may seem scary at first and you may have questions about the condition of the home. However, accommodation services allow you to learn about the hosts by reading comments and reviews from other travellers so you can find a suitable place to stay.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Staying with locals for five days a year instead of a hotel reduces your carbon footprint by 1%. Emissions are lower as a result of the decreased need to build new hotels and other accommodation.

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