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Sustainable food production from smart greenhouses

Robbes Lilla Trädgård's smart greenhouses grow plants in a resource-smart way, close to the consumer. Because of the controlled growth environment, there is no need to waste any water or energy needed for cultivation.



Arable crop farming is highly dependent on individual climates because the growth season in certain regions can be limited and the available land is not always used as efficiently as possible. Outdoor farming can be unprofitable in difficult environments, and not every type of crop can be cultivated in every region. Additionally, traditional greenhouse farming requires a great deal of energy and resources for irrigation, heating and lighting.

Solution: more crops with efficient vertical farming

Robbes Lilla Trädgård grows herbs and sells greenhouses that focus on maximising efficiency by using vertical farming, optimal lighting solutions, automation and growth climate regulation. A controlled growth environment ensures top-notch cultivation reliability, requires no pesticides and the resulting crop yields are around one and a half times larger than can be typically expected in traditional greenhouse farming. This type of cultivation also uses fewer resources than traditional greenhouse farming. For example, Robbes Lilla Trädgård’s vertical cultivation system consumes around 60 to 80 per cent less water and around half of the total energy of a traditional greenhouse.

Revenue logic and benefits for Robbes Lilla Trädgård

Robbes Lilla Trädgård grows and sells herbs and acts as a consultant in greenhouse investments on a service and licensing model basis. This means that Robbes Lilla Trädgård controls the greenhouse construction and investment project by selecting the best technologies available for the garden and guides its customers in the cultivation of the crops.

Benefits to customers and end users

More efficient greenhouse farming enables cultivation that can be done closer to the consumers. This helps reduce logistics costs and improve the year-round availability of products. In addition, customising the lighting that is used to grow herbs helps enhance their flavour. The purchaser of a greenhouse receives an easy-to-use and optimised greenhouse solution whose technological solutions have been competitively tendered, which produces more crops than traditional farming methods and whose cultivation methods are guided by Robbes Lilla Trädgård.

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