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Take the vegan challenge!

Accepting a one-month vegan challenge or having a meatless October can help you discover new foods and expand the tastes in your diet. It’s easier to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet today, because grocery stores carry an increasing number of vegan products, ranging from sausages to ice cream.

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Savings: Vegetarian food can cost less than food made with meat, which reduces your monthly food bills. Vegetarian food is often less expensive than a meat dish in restaurants as well.

Remember this: It can be hard to change your cooking habits. If you don’t normally cook vegetarian food, trying a vegan diet may require a little work at the beginning. However, there are plenty of instructions and ideas available online, and various substitute products can replace animal-based products without really changing the recipe.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Leaving out meat and milk products for a month reduces your carbon footprint by 1% a year. Savings come from lower greenhouse gas emissions from animal production and the fact that more land is available for cultivation.


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