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Tools for the manufacturing industry help companies make the transition to circular economy business

The Technology Industries of Finland and Sitra aim to help 500 companies make the transition to a circular economy in their business operations using tools tailored for the manufacturing industry.



The shift to a circular economy requires major changes in the business models of companies. However, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often have limited resources to launch major reforms, and companies may need support for developing their business activities.


In the Growth from a Circular Economy programme, assisted by Accenture, Sitra and the Technology Industries of Finland developed a circular economy playbook and tools for Finnish companies in the manufacturing industry. With the help of these tools, more than 50 companies involved in the programme set out to make the transition to a circular economy in their business operations.

The next step is to use the tools for accelerating the business operations of 500 Finnish and Nordic companies from the manufacturing sector and other industries to make them comply with the principles of the circular economy. Other parties involved in the expansion of the programme include Business Finland, Kasvuryhmä (Growth Collective Finland), Excellence Finland and regional development organisations.

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