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Total solution for nutrient and energy self-sufficiency in rural areas

With its circular economy solutions, Metener is leading by example in the transformation of the agricultural sector. Metener has extensive first-hand experience of the manufacture and reuse of biogas and nutrient recycling. It offers holistic solutions for the use of field mass and other biomass as biogas and fertiliser.



Farms, communities and industry produce organic waste which can no longer be disposed of at landfill sites. A lot of agricultural land is underused, and crops such as grass are grown as part of the regular crop rotation, even though it has no value as a crop. The energy potential of these agricultural masses is vast, and it could be utilised without jeopardising food production.

Solution: total solution for nutrient and energy self-sufficiency in rural areas

Metener offers technology for the use of biomass and organic waste. Metener’s solutions facilitate the production of biogas, refined transportation fuel and fertilisers from biomass. Biogas is produced in a patented dry reactor which rots grass in 2 to 4 months. The process also produces recycled fertiliser. The reactor can also be used to process slurry, biowaste and food industry by-products.

Revenue logic and benefits to Metener

Customers can buy a comprehensive system and optional accessories such as a biogas refiner and a patented pressuriser. The construction project takes six to nine months from planning to commissioning. During this process, Metener becomes well acquainted with the customer and their needs. Metener manages the commissioning and start-up process, and the customer can gradually take over the operation. The company also offers process monitoring and remote control, continuous user support and a maintenance service.

Benefits to customers

Customers who buy the total solution include energy companies, waste-processing companies, and consortiums of large farms. Metener’s solution offers these operators a cost-efficient and easy way to produce green energy, utilise waste and create new business models. The end products, biogas and fertilisers, are primarily used by consumers, farmers and transport companies who, through their choices, can help reduce emissions and the use of non-renewable resources – an aspect which can also be used in marketing. Unrefined biogas can be used in electricity production and heating.

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