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Tour de Saimaa

They say that the journey is often more important than the destination, but when you travel the scenery often just flashes by and is forgotten. It’s different when you cycle! A cycling holiday brings you closer to the scenery and sites. On a bike, you can find destinations close by and farther away.

Photo: Unsplash/Alex Blăjan


Savings: It costs about 1,000 euros to buy a trekking bike and proper equipment. After you make that investment, the bike will quickly pay for itself in lower travel costs and, if you pack a tent, also in accommodation costs.

Remember this: The destinations accessible by bike may not be well advertised, so they may be difficult to find. Your fitness improves as you get used to cycling.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Cycling rather than driving a 100-kilometre trip only has a small impact on your carbon footprint.


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