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Try food in new ways

Changing to a vegan diet significantly reduces your carbon footprint and it may not necessarily restrict your diet. On the contrary, as a vegan you can find new taste experiences, expand your concept of food and learn about delicious new recipes.


Savings: Being a vegan can save you a lot of money on food in comparison to eating meat. Vegetables, grains, legumes and root vegetables are reasonably priced. Various speciality products for vegans are quite easy to find today.

Remember this: Veganism may be considered difficult and expensive. Animal-based products dominate in fridges and on restaurant menus. However, a major change is attitude is taking place. Vegan dishes are available at most restaurants and the number of vegan products in stores in increasing all the time.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Becoming a vegan can reduce your carbon footprint by 10% per year. This saving is equivalent to 5,500 kilometres of driving. Emissions are lower because of decreased greenhouse gas emissions from ruminant animals.

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