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User-centred work environment as a life cycle service

The workplace environment matters! The life cycle model for offices is a viable business opportunity for both the service provider and the company buying the service.



Our ways of working are being revolutionised. At the same time, requirements on workplace environments are also changing. Changes caused by digitalisation also have a bearing on our space needs. Business premises have been traditionally designed to last five to seven years. However, due to the fast pace of change, it is impossible to know when and how an organisation’s situation, and its staff levels and ways of working, might change.

Underused spaces are being heated, lit and air-conditioned year round.

Solution: User-centred work environment as a life cycle service

Martela works with the client’s staff to define, design and implement work environments that suit the client’s strategy and help the company find ways to use its facilities efficiently. The need for different types of workspaces is determined individually for each company on a case-by-case basis. After the design process, Martela oversees the relocation, the delivery of necessary furniture and fittings and the recycling of old ones that are no longer needed. All Martela’s service models are implemented in compliance with the Waste Nothing principle. For example, any pieces of furniture destined for recycling that are still in good condition are restored to be resold at the Martela Outlet. Other furniture, such as electric tables that are still in working order, can be restored for the customer, if necessary.

Revenue logic and benefits to Martela

Martela sells life cycle management of work environments and office furniture as a service, and customers can also buy individual services such as a work environment specification, design, furnishing and relocation. By expanding into needs-based design, specification and maintenance, the company has been able to offer an unrivalled holistic service to its customers. If the customer so wishes, it is also possible to purchase a work environment assessment, design, furniture and removal as separate services or acquire the whole Workplace as a Service (WaaS).

Benefits to customers

More efficient use of office spaces can significantly reduce costs. At the same time, the introduction of a user-oriented work environment enhances workplace well-being, productivity and enjoyment of work. Thanks to the service model, instead of individual pieces of furniture, the organisation receives a comprehensive solution covering the office’s whole life cycle. Continuous optimisation of the work environment in accordance with the changing needs of the users is an integral part of the service, and the organisation only pays for what it genuinely needs.

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