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Waste water treatment and resource extraction as a service

Industrial water use poses diverse resource and pollution risks. The EcoVolt water treatment utility creates a closed loop for production that overcomes these global challenges.


EcoVolt, from the company Cambrian Innovation, addresses the issue of water scarcity and safety with the world’s first bioelectrically-enhanced waste water treatment solution, converting waste water to renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This innovation comes from work commissioned by NASA for the International Space Station. The objective was to build a closed loop life support system, generating mass and energy savings as well as decreasing the cost associated with carbon dioxide reduction. The spinoff of the solution was scaled up by the original research team from Cambridge, MA to turn it into an industrial solution.


A growing number of manufacturers report water-related risk in their supply chain operations. As companies expand, they face increasing resource challenges, including water, energy and waste water treatment needs. With drought intensity increasing, water shortages are predicted to become more frequent than ever.


Cambrian provides waste water treatment and resource extraction as a service by creating renewable EcoVolt micro-utilities at a partner’s site. Their flagship solution efficiently treats waste water while extracting clean energy and generating clean water.

Notable users of EcoVolt include the food and beverage, textiles and pharmaceuticals industries as well as municipalities. By turning to water reuse, any type of industry with waste water streams can expand their production capacity and boost revenue streams without exceeding their consumption ceiling.

Though clients are first and foremost attracted by the economic rationale behind the solution, EcoVolt helps foster circular economy and adopt and integrate better environmental practices. Cambrian Innovation also works closely with the research sector and publishes in scientific journals, therefore supporting the whole circular economy community.

Environmental impact

EcoVolt has a significant positive impact on reducing water use and eliminating water pollutants, whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to energy production. It also supports the wellbeing of local ecosystems through potential water, air and soil remediation.

Social impact

Cambrian’s technology improves social wellbeing and community resilience by safely managing waste water and eliminating potential contamination of the surrounding environment. The technology can improve access to affordable clean water and renewable energy, which is important for underdeveloped areas that suffer from water scarcity.

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