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Would you like more time for yourself?

Getting to work goes from being a necessary evil to quality personal time when you take public transport instead of driving. Take advantage of the time spent on a bus, train or tram to read, knit, listen to podcasts or browse the news headlines.


Savings: You can save about 8,000 euros per year by giving up your car completely. In many cities, public transport is free when you travel with a pram or walker.

Remember this: In smaller towns, public transport connections are not as good as in larger cities. Planning schedules and routes also takes some time. Sometimes using public transport also requires a change in your way of thinking. Some trips may take longer, but you can use that time to do other things.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Using public transport instead of a car for daily commutes reduces your annual carbon footprint by 2%. If a million Finns did this, it would save the equivalent of 18,000 carbon footprints per year.

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