Climate Impact Assessment of Companies Listed on Nasdaq Helsinki 2016

Sustainability and climate issues have become more and more important to investors, companies and the stock exchange market. But where are the biggest climate risks in Finnish investment portfolios?  

Sitra invites you to join us for the release of this year’s results of the climate impact screening of the companies listed on Nasdaq OMX Helsinki on 15 December 2016 at 09.00-10.30 at Hotel Seurahuone in Helsinki. In this seminar Sitra and South Pole Group launch the results of the climate impact screening of the companies listed on Nasdaq OMX Helsinki, followed by investor and industry commentaries.

The report will shed light to the overall aggregated greenhouse gas emissions of the companies listed on Nasdaq Helsinki and the sectors and companies with largest carbon exposures, accompanied by value and revenue based metrics. Further, the report will also discuss recent developments and trends in investment portfolio climate assessment globally, and their implications for institutional investors and asset managers.

The analysis report is published in the event together with an updated investor tool for benchmarking portfolio greenhouse gas exposure against the index. South Pole Group will present the key results of the analysis in the launch event.

Last year we had the carbon fooprint of Nasdaq OMX Helsinki studied for the first time by South Pole Group. That was the first time a study this extensive was made analysing the carbon footprint of all companies listed in one stock exchange. Now, we have repeated the analysis and added to it a comparison between the stock exchanges in Helsinki and Stockholm.

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