EU Emissions Trading System in the next decade

EU Emissions Trading System in the next decade

Is the EU ETS ‘fit for life’? Will it continue playing a key role in the EU decarbonisation strategy? And, what reforms might be needed for it to remain a ‘cornerstone’ of the EU climate action?

Welcome to an event jointly organised by European Roundtable on Climate Change and Sustainable Transition, ERCST and Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra to find out more about the outlook for the EU ETS in Phase 4 (2021-2030). The intention is to promote a discussion among stakeholders on the future of the European carbon market, trying to assess what potential reforms might be needed to strengthen the EU ETS framework. This is a particularly timely topic at the moment, as the incoming European Commission has signaled that it will be looking into the ETS system.

The meeting is divided into two sessions,  where recent publications by ERCST and Sitra will be presented:

The first session focuses on key policy reforms to the EU ETS framework that might be needed during EU ETS Phase 4, in order to align the EU ETS framework with the objective of the Paris Agreement. The discussion will be based on Sitra’s publication.

The second session will focus on the review of the Market Stability Reserve (MSR) scheduled in 2021, with the launch of ERCST paper ‘Preparing the review of the MSR’. This paper aims at providing an independent contribution to the policy debate, and outlines what elements the MSR review should include, how the review should be structured, and what indicators and data should be monitored towards 2021.

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Welcome and introduction

A. Marcu, Executive Director, ERCST
M. Pantsar, Director, Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra


Launch of Sitra paper ‘The role of the EU ETS in increasing EU climate ambition: Assessment of policy options’

O. Haanperä, Finnish Innovation Fund (Sitra)
V. Graichen, Öko Institut


Roundtable discussion

V. Niinistö, Member of the European Parliament
S. Van den Plas, Carbon Market Watch
A.M. Géron, Fortum
R. S. Mysterud, Norsk Hydro


Launch of ERCST paper ‘Preparing the review of the MSR’

A. Marcu, ERCST
J.Y. Caneill, ERCST
F. Cecchetti, ERCST


Roundtable discussion

A. Bolle, Statkraft
D. Dybka, Climate expert
C. Vailles, I4CE
J. Michalak, IETA
G. Perino, University of Hamburg


Concluding remarks on next steps and end of the meeting

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