Outi Haanperä

Leading Specialist, Climate and nature solutions, Sitra
Sitra. Kuva: Miikka Pirinen / SITRA
Sitra. Kuva: Miikka Pirinen / SITRA


Outi Haanperä is a leading specialist in Sitra’s Climate Solutions Team, which promotes policies in line with the Paris Agreement. She focuses on economic issues, such as market based abatement mechanisms and the potential of climate solutions for the Finnish Economy.


Out is keen on exploring cost-effective ways to achieve emissions reductions and the optimal role of the public sector in supporting both policy development and implementation.

Her previous roles cover both public and private sector, as well as research and international organisations. She has worked in Finland, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Indonesia and the United Kingdom, where she spent 12 years first completing her PhD and then working as an environmental economist in a London-based sustainability consultancy.

What else?

You can easily invite Outi out for a run, dance class or theatre play, particularly so if you remember that the debriefing is as important as the activity itself.
Outi believes that her first car will run on electricity – hopefully on clean one!

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