Fair data economy rulebook - first experiences and next steps

Fair data economy rulebook - first experiences and next steps

The beta version of the Fair data economy rulebook was launched in December 2019 for comments. There are a number of data ecosystems working with our Rulebook tool and now it is the time to hear their experiences.

Rulebook for a fair data economy
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In 2019 the work group created the first version of  the IHAN Rulebook to facilitate the creation of many-to-many agreements needed in many-sided data ecosystems.

The need for this kind of approach is obvious. If an ecosystem with ten stakeholders would create and sign bilateral agreements with all parties, the number of the agreements would be 45. With the Rulebook approach only one agreement is needed to which the stakeholders adhere to by signing simple accession agreements.

Join the event to hear the comments of data ecosystems working on it and more importantly our plans for next steps for the tool.




Opening and introduction to the IHAN project and the Rulebook

Jyrki Suokas, Sitra @JyrkiSuokas


The Rulebook model and its parts

Olli Pitkänen, 1001 Lakes Oy @ollipitkanen


The sample data networks that could benefit from the Rulebook

Marko Turpeinen, 1001 Lakes Oy


The checklist, Biz Annex and Tech Annex

Sami Jokela, 1001 Lakes Oy

Comments by Reko Lehti, Taival


The agreements

Jorma Yli-Jaakkola, Borenius Attorneys Ltd

Comments by Raisa Mölkänen, Fingrid


The code of conduct

Jani Koskinen, University of Turku @PhDJaniKoskinen


Panel – How will we continue?

Kai Kuohuva, Tieto @KaiKuohuva

Jussi Mäkinen,Teknologiateollisuus @Jussi_M

Pia Erkinheimo, Vake @PiaErkinheimo

Moderator: Anna Wäyrynen, Sitra @wayryanna


 Summary and next steps

Jyrki Suokas

The seminar is in English.

The number of seats is limited so please sign up by 9 February at the latest! The event can also be followed live online during the speeches (13:00–14:30 p.m. UTC+2) using the link provided on this page. After the event, a recording will be available on this page.

How to get involved and contribute to the further development of the Rulebook?

The first step is to participate in a workshop organised right after the launch event.

Additionally, if you and your organisation wish to join the workgroup, we are pleased to welcome new members to join us, as we will restructure the work groups to better accommodate for more enthusiastic experts into the work group. There is an in-person Rulebook Work group next-steps workshop right after the launch event at 15:00-17:00 (UTC+2) at the same venue. This event is not streamed or recorded. You may sign up for the workshop using the link provided on this page.

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