LOOP Circular Economy Ventures
Launch event

LOOP Circular Economy Ventures

LOOP Circular Economy Ventures is the number one side event for circular economy at Slush. Here the bravest corporations and investors come together with the hottest CE startups. If both the circular economy and growth business are on your agenda, this is the place to be. 

The transition to a circular economy does not happen overnight nor in isolation from other industry players. It requires that all partners in different stages of the value chain get involved. Therefore Avanto Ventures, Sitra and Nordic Innovation have created LOOP Ventures: an ecosystem where corporate challenges are solved with the help of other partners, both big and small, in an agile way.

With the accelerator, growth companies that offer circular economy solutions and major corporations that are seeking these solutions develop business operations together. LOOP offers all the tools, partners and know-how that are needed to develop new business.

This event is simultaneously the launch of LOOP Ventures. In addition to meeting potential cooperation partners or startups regarding CE, you will get the chance to hear about the first real ventures that have been created within the LOOP framework.

If you’re a startup, you have the opportunity to reserve your own standing table equipped with your logo. This helps you connect with your new potential clients and investors. We’ll handle the arrangements for you.

A Slush ticket is NOT needed to be able to participate!

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