National launch event of the EU Mission Soil Deal for Europe in Finland
Launch event

National launch event of the EU Mission Soil Deal for Europe in Finland

The EU is currently putting in place a number of initiatives to protect soil health. One of them is the Mission Soil Deal for Europe, which is a Research and Innovation initiative with a strong societal impact.

We invite you to a launch event to meet stakeholders and learn more about the framework for soil protection in the EU. You will also hear more about the EU’s Soil Strategy and oncoming Soil Mission Living Lab call, and opportunities it will provide. Participation is possible in person in Helsinki or online. Participation by invitation only.

The event is organised at the premises of Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and hosted by Finland’s Soil Mission Advisory Board members Dr. Anna Krzywoszynska (University of Oulu) and Dr. Liisa Pietola (Sitra). Their main task is to share information on the activities and funding streams of the Soil Mission, and to encourage you to support the Mission objectives.

By the end of November, the Soil Mission will publish a large funding call for Soil Living Labs. This call is an excellent opportunity to accelerate research and societal change on soil health in Finland and the wider Nordic region.

This event aims to support the Finnish research community to participate in the call, and also share information about the upcoming opportunities the Soil Mission will offer to all stakeholders working with agricultural, forestry and urban soils.

The recording of the event is in Youtube (part one and part two).


Liisa Pietola & Anna Krzyswozynska, soil mission board
Setting the Scene
– Horizon Europe and Horizon Europe missions in general Elina Nikkola, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
– EU Soil Strategy and the Soil Health Law Hanna Mattila, Ministry of the Environment
Coffee break
Mission: Soil Deal for Europe
Anna Krzywoszynska, Soil Mission Board
Some views on national Implementation
Mikko Peltonen, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Living Lab Call
General about the HE callsAnni Kleino, Academy of Finland
– Coming call for LL – Anna Krzywoszynska, Soil Mission Board
– Commentary: How to succeed – Kaj Granholm, BSAG
Next steps

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