The Next Era Sweden – A New Vision for Societal Progress

The Next Era Sweden – A New Vision for Societal Progress

How do we build hope and trust in the future when we cannot count on one of the key promises of Nordic societies: the promise that the economy will grow and make the lives of people better?

All developed societies are undergoing major transformations. Ageing population, digital disruptions, political segregation, climate and resource shocks highlight that we are living in volatile times and economic growth no longer equates to progress as it did in the industrial era.

The NextEra global conversation arrives to Sweden. NextEra has had similar meet-ups in San Francisco, London and Tokyo already, and these have resulted in living nodes in the network. The work results in an operational network and a progressive societal vision that reconciles human well-being with the ecological boundaries of the planet.

The workshop will be run and keynotes will be delivered by the following experts:

  • Maria Wetterstrand, Miltton Purpose
  • Erika Augustinsson, Forum for social innovation
  • Jenna Lähdemäki, Sitra
  • Aleksi Neuvonen, Demos Helsinki
  • Roope Mokka, Demos Helsinki
  • Indy Johar, Project 00


See the workshop on the Almedalen Week web page.

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