Jenna Lähdemäki-Pekkinen

Specialist (on extended leave), Foresight


Jenna works as a social foresight specialist in Sitra’s Foresight and insight team. Through various projects, she contributes to the transition to society where people live a good life within the earth’s carrying capacity. At the moment, Jenna is kept busy by the Future Makers project, which combines a future-oriented mindset and societal influencing skills.

Jenna has worked in the Education for a changing world project, which also involves the book Sustainability, Human Well-Being and the Future of Education, published by Palgrave Macmillan, and a training and experimentation programme called Developers of sustainable education, targeted at teachers, principals and other education professionals.

Other projects which Jenna is involved in include Next era of well-being, a foresight and vision project in which Jenna was responsible especially for international workshops and the specialist group Next Era Task Group; Futuremaker’s toolbox; Timeout, an operating model for constructive societal discussion, with Jenna involved especially in the later stages of the project where preparations were made for the Timeout Foundation; Leadership under complexity; Ethical dimensions of sustainability; and the Uusi juoni book club and online publication.


Jenna holds a Master of Social Sciences degree from the University of Helsinki. She majored in Political Science in the sub-programme of Administration and Organisations. When writing her Master’s thesis, Jenna dived into the world of futures studies. She has previously worked in the field of communications and societal influencing in a communications agency and in a think tank, for instance.

What else?

In her free time, Jenna does yoga and jogs with her adorable Irish Setter. Poems and fiction are also close to Jenna’s heart. Reciting poems improves the atmosphere whatever the situation!