Preparing the class of 2040

Preparing the class of 2040

We send our kids to school to prepare them for their future. But for which future should schools prepare?

In just two years, the class of 2040 will be born. For which future should schools prepare them? A future that looks similar to the present? Or one that is radically different?

Caught between the urgent and important, we must decide how to prepare our children for the uncertain future of work, civics, society, and the planet. Should the emergencies of today shape the education of children over the next 20 years?

This is one of the questions that an international group of researchers aim at answering in Sustainability, human well-being and the future of education – a book brought together by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and published by Palgrave Macmillan, that has already inspired over 125 000 readears worldwide.

In October 2019, we will organise two events in Boston in collaboration, one with Rhode Island School fo Design (RISD) and the other with Harvard Graduate School of Education, to discuss, what lessons might the US learn from Finland’s education system and to what end should we educate our children.

The former head of Finland’s National Curriculum Development Department Irmeli Halinen and principal Hanna Sarakorpi of the highly-regarded Saunalahti “Furture” School will be in conversation with Harvard affiliates Linda Nathan and Rob Riordan.

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See our summary of findings in the slideshow below.

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Sustainability, Human Well-being and the Future of Education from Sitra the Finnish Innovation Fund

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