Radical Health Festival Helsinki 2024 

Radical Health Festival Helsinki 2024 

The Radical Health Festival will bring together European health professionals, inspiring top experts and innovative companies on 21–23 May 2024 to Helsinki. The theme of the event is prevention and precision medicine. 

The future of health care is built on prevention and personalised care. The second Radical Health Festival will bring together healthcare professionals and companies to provide a broad perspective on the development of the sector and a platform for innovation. 

The opening panel will discuss the use of health data and the development of a European Health Data Space (EHDS). The panel will be joined by Sitra’s Markus Kalliola, who has been leading the TEHDAS project, the EU’s regulatory groundwork, and will also continue to coordinate the 30-country follow-up project, which will start in May.  

The content of the event is divided into three streams:  

  1. PEOPLE – Placing Humans at the Heart of Digital Transformation 
  1. INNOVATION – Accelerating Adoption, Keeping Up with Technology 
  1. DATA – Turning Data into Insights for Precision, Prevention and Equity 

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Join us for inspiration and networking!  

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