Sitra at Slush

Sitra at Slush

Sitra is participating this year’s Slush in three events, which are by invitation only:

  • New Non-Profit is seeking as part of the Slush Impact sessions better solutions for building a well-being society of tomorrow. Wednesday 11 November from 8:30am.
  • Smart Well-being at Slush seminar will be presenting an inspiring and visionary information package targeted at decision-makers on the well-being of tomorrow. Wednesday 11 November from 9am to 12am.
  • Slush Evening for Cleantech and Circular Events is the largest collection of cleantech competitions in the history of Slush. Thursday 12 November from 6pm to 9pm, with a pre-event starting at 4pm. 
Please click the event names to learn more about the specific events. 

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