Slush evening: The future of circular food

What will we serve on our plates in the future? Will it be tasty? Will it be good for our health and for our environment? What will it look like?

In 2017, the amount of both hungry and obese people is too large. Our food systems cause too many ecological and societal problems, and the systems lack transparency as well.

We need to rethink our food systems. We need to provide nutritious food within planetary boundaries. The food we eat and the way we eat it is a personal and intimate experience, and yet eating has many far-reaching implications for societies. Circular economy provides answers to our burning questions on food systems. Circular food is designed so that precious resources are used in a most optimal way.

Event topics

The future of knowledge
The world is full of information, but we need to use it better. We need it to optimise the use of resources and we need it for transparency. How do we combine human thinking and technology?

The future of consumption
We need to question the way we eat today. What is circular food? How do we make a new kind of eating attractive and enjoyable?

The future of symbiosis
Systemic change in food systems does not happen when everyone is acting independently. We need new kinds of networks and collaboration to create more circular food systems. How do we find new partners and expertise? How do we find the inspiration for a symbiosis?

More information about the event will be available soon.

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