Talk about blockchain and web 3.0

Talk about blockchain and web 3.0

We are entering the next era in the development of Internet – called Web 3.0. Join us to hear about development opportunities from a business perspective.

Blockchains, metaverse, NFTs, virtual reality, DAOs, decentralisation – these are examples of new emerging technologies, topics and models that are forming the Web 3.0 transition. The Finnish model and competitiveness have always based on our ability to renew, innovate and lead. At the same time, decisive actions are needed to ensure that Finnish competitiveness is ensured also in the future. Web 3.0 offers a major opportunity for Finland as a country. But it is also vital that Web 3.0 is developed and created so that it takes into consideration environmental sustainability, fair data economy while improving quality of life for everybody and companies’ ability to renew and innovate.

You are welcome to join this event where we have gathered leading experts of the topic to share their viewpoints and thoughts.

The event is mainly in Finnish.

The programme can be found on the Finnish event page.

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