Heikki Aura

Senior Lead, Competitiveness through data


Heikki Aura is a Senior Lead in Sitra’s Fair data economy theme. He is in charge of a logistics-focused innovation ecosystem that creates digital innovations. New operating models improve industry’s competitiveness while promoting the green transition and the principles of a fair data economy.


Heikki has extensive experience in the private sector, having worked as a strategist and a developer of the service business at Nokia. Before joining Sitra, he spent several years in the fascinating world of start-ups in the local food business and the event industry, among other things.

For Heikki, logistics is like the circulatory system of a highly functioning society. World events over the last couple of years have underlined the importance of logistics for the global economy and people’s lives. Contact Heikki if you want to find out more about innovation in the logistics industry and how the fair data economy can be used in its development.

What else?

When he’s not at work, Heikki likes to spend time enjoying nature and life at his summer cottage.

Heikki believes the advantages of autonomous vehicles and new modes of transport will present many interesting opportunities for the future of logistics.