Unlocking the potential of data models in the health sector

Unlocking the potential of data models in the health sector

Personalised care and research require smoother movement and exploitation of data. Join us for an online event to learn how data models can improve care, research and knowledge management and contain the costs of social and health care.

The aim of the social and healthcare reform is to ensure equal and high-quality services for all, prevent illnesses and curb the growth of costs. Research based on real world data to analyse the progression of diseases and the impact of medicines requires new ways of conducting research. This requires smooth mobility and flexible use of data between different organisations and domains of well-being counties, with appropriate data models as a backdrop.

We will discuss the opportunities offered by data models on Monday 11 March from 13.00 to 15.30 in a webinar. The discussion will be keynoted by Eerik Sundvall from the Karolinska University Hospital, who will present the use of the OpenEHR data model in Sweden.

The second part of the event will include introductory speeches by Piia Rannanheimo from Fimea and Kimmo Porkka from the University of Helsinki. We will hear the results of the FinOMOP pilot, which tested an approach based on federated analyses and the OMOP common data model and collected real-world evidence on new treatments.

Antti Larsio, from Knowledge Broker Oy, will present the Data Models study to be published in March and will illustrate with a case study how models can be used to create new effective treatments for, for example, growing mental health problems. Finally, we will discuss the topic in groups.

The event is aimed at actors in the social and health sector, digital leaders and decision-makers in wellbeing counties, companies and research institutes working in the field, and anyone interested in the topic.

Come and find out what new opportunities are opening for organisations through the adoption and use of data models. The first part of the programme will be in English and the rest in Finnish.


Part 1, in English 
Welcome and opening words 
Kristo Lehtonen, Director, Fair Data Economy, Sitra 

Moderator: Saara Malkamäki, Specialist, Sitra 
OpenEHR-based software procurement in Stockholm and Gotland region 
Erik Sundvall, Information Architect, Karolinska University Hospital 
Questions and comments
Accessing health data – OMOP data model and the federated approach  
To be confirmed 
Questions and comments 
Programme continues in Finnish

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