Saara Malkamäki

Specialist, Well-being solutions


Saara Malkamäki builds a fair data economy and promotes the use of health data in Finland and Europe. Saara’s goal is to make data move across organisations, also across national borders, and to create common rules and solutions for fair, value-added data use. Her focus is on innovations in health and well-being, and business and ecosystems.


Saara has expertise in planning customer-oriented services, business development and stakeholder co-operation. She has long-term developed cooperation between the public, private and third sectors. She has also worked with communications, new funding and co-operation models, social marketing, and impact.

What else?

Saara is a jolly Eurovision Song Contest fan who loves to pack her bags and travel to wherever Eurovision takes her. Saara is passionate about traveling and learning about new cultures, and she has travelled to more than 70 countries.

She believes that new models that help level out economic inequality and distribute wealth more evenly is the way towards equality and well-being for all.

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