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Aho handed the Report on EU High-tech research to Commission

A Wake-up Call for Innovation in Europe, says Commissioner Viviane Reding


Europe has started doing better in high-tech research but still has a lot more to do, particularly to capitalise on the results. This is the conclusion of the independent expert report, chaired by Sitra’s President Esko Aho, that analysed the effectiveness of Information Society research under the EU’s 6th Framework Programme for Research and Development.

Esko Aho today handed the independent panel’s final report over to Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media.

“The Aho Report should be a wake-up call for all policy makers responsible for economic policy, research and budgetary rules,” said Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding in a first reaction to the report. “The €4 billion spent on high-tech research is a considerable amount of taxpayer’s money. However, Europe does not get the most out of it in terms of growth, jobs and innovation.”

Further information:
“Aho Report” on the Effectiveness of Information Society Research in the EU’s 6th Framework Programme 2003-2006