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Our Megatrends 2016 memo is now available also in English.


Heli Nissinen

Senior Lead, Communications and Public Affairs


How will our lives change as a result of the need for ecological sustainability, intensifying globalisation and technological development? Our Megatrends 2016 memo is now available also in English.

Sitra’s 2016 Trends List analyses developments in both the world and in Finland, based on three major forces of change: ever-accelerating technological development, global interdependency with growing tensions, and the sustainability crisis linked to the use of natural resources and climate change. Various phenomena are examined through these lenses.

“All three directions of change are interconnected. While technological development kick-started a change in the way we understand work, it has also offered solutions for addressing major global problems, such as global warming,” says Sitra’s foresight specialist Elina Kiiski Kataja, the author of Megatrends 2016.

Megatrends 2016 is a compilation of various visions, foresight discussions and viewpoints presented in layman’s terms and in a usable format. A key part of the work involved bringing together a range of phenomena from Sitra’s focus areas and their specialists. A deeper perspective was achieved using megatrend-based foresight reports, international and national statistics, academic studies, news articles and expert statements, as well as the work of Finland’s national foresight network and contributions to a range of debates on future directions.

We hope that our megatrends analysis benefits and interests decision-makers, journalists, students, schoolchildren, or anyone else with an interest in the future.

An English-language slideshow of the key messages of the Trends List is available below and via the following link: Megatrends 2016

Megatrends 2016 – the future happens now
Elina Kiiski Kataja
Megatrends 2016 – The future is now
ISBN 978-951-563-960-8 (PDF)
Download the memo in English here

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