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A common aim – to make Finland a leading country in innovation

A report published by Sitra "Making Finland a leading country in innovation" gives out concrete proposals


Press release 27 April 2005 To secure its future success, Finland must become a leading country in innovation. We need a dynamic innovation environment that will attract experts and investments. Now, in a report published by Sitra (the Finnish National Fund for Research and Development) entitled Making Finland a leading country in innovation, 24 leading decision-makers present common and concrete proposals for action with the aim of achieving that target. “The report contains a common view of the actions, by which Finland can progress to be a leading country in innovation. Without significant reform, Finland will lose its position in the global economy,” says Antti Hautamäki, Programme Director at Sitra. The report deals with the development of innovation from a future perspective. The first part of the report concentrates on Finland’s opportunities, objectives and visions of the future. The second part contains the action programme aimed at innovation development. The 27 proposals for action in the report are divided around the following five themes:1. Structures corresponding to the challenges2. Top-level education, research and development3. Globally competitive interactive enterprise field4. Attractive internationalised regional centres5. Motivated and competent individuals and an atmosphere that encourages entrepreneurship The proposals cover a wide area and are directed at such things as innovation policy, the tax system, immigration policy, the education system, company networking, a system of attractive regional centres and the ability of schools to prepare individuals for innovation and entrepreneurship. Some of the actions require major structural changes, such as the development of university networks, others are projects that can be quickly implemented, such as the establishment of centres of innovation in a growing market. The proposals for action also mention the parties responsible for carrying things forward. “The major actors in the field have been involved, and they are committed to promoting the implementation of the programme objectives. Some of the proposed actions have already started up or are being prepared at this moment,” says Mr Hautamäki. Sitra’s role, as a promoter of the innovation system, is to carry forward some of the report’s proposals. Many proposals particularly demand the active contribution of other actors. Sitra is also actively following the continuing development of the proposals for action. In the autumn of 2004, Sitra initiated the Innovation Programme, with the aim of developing Finland into an innovation pioneer. As a result of the programme, the Competitive Innovation Environment development programme was started up, as a result of which this report has now been published. Further information The report launch has been videoed (in Finnish) and can be viewed at by following the relevant link. The report has also been published in pdf-format (in Finnish), available at (Finnish site), under ‘julkaisut’. The report will be available also in English in pdf-format at (English site) under ‘publications’ in May. Programme Director, Antti Hautamäki, tel. +358 9 6189 9232 Publication information Making Finland a leading country in innovation. Antti Hautamäki. ISBN 951-563-500-4 (URL:, Edita Prima Oy, Helsinki 2005. The report can be ordered from Sitra, e-mail: The pdf-version is available at Sitra’s homepage, under ‘publications’.