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Environmental technology’s five roads to India

Sitra Report charts the success factors for environmental field companies.


Sitra Report charts the success factors for environmental field companies

Media release 5 June 2006

Sitra’s Environmental and India Programme has published a joint report Opportunities for Finnish Environmental Technology in India as part of the proceedings of the Cleantech Forum Lahti on 5 June 2006. The report charts the environmental markets in India and the success potential of Finnish environmental technology companies in the country. According to the report, the economic growth of India and its extensive markets have created a demand for environmental technologies and know-how. This demand creates opportunities for Finnish companies. 

“The report describes those specific opportunities that are beneficial to both India and Finland. The report also provides information that will help Finnish companies and organisations to succeed when co-operating with Indian partners. India needs, and has, a clear demand for top-level Finnish environmental technology,” says Vesa-Matti Lahti, Executive Director of Sitra’s India Programme. 

The report indicates five fields in particular in which it deems the prospects for Finnish environmental technology to be the best:  

Environmental monitoring

India has a growing demand for the monitoring of water and air quality. The demand is targeted at the development and construction of monitoring systems as well as measuring stations and the equipment required by them.  

Clean technologies and environmental protection in the industry  

India’s strict legislation is steering industries towards adopting more modern technologies. Industrial companies in India are already investing in cleaner technologies, creating business opportunities particularly in process water treatment, energy efficiency and material utilisation in the chemical, paper and steel industries. Prevention of industrial hazardous waste, as well as its utilisation and handling are also promising fields for business.  

Climate change and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

India offers excellent opportunities for emissions trading and for various technology producers that could help create emission reductions for India.  

Waste management

There is also demand for waste management concepts and technology solutions and for solutions that improve the profitability and efficiency of the sector. India’s large cities require more efficient waste collections and transportation systems, landfill technology, hazardous waste treatment and consultation.  

Renewable energy sources

India boasts one of the most extensive renewable energy source programmes. This creates opportunities for Finnish operators in wind power and biomass (e.g. bagasse) utilisation as well as combined heat and power production. There is also demand for water power and biogas plants. 

The main objective of Sitra’s Environmental Programme is to make environmental technology and know-how an important growth sector for Finland and to reinforce Finland’s status as a leading country in the field. Sitra’s India Programme focuses on providing information on India and creating a basis for co-operation that benefits both India and Finland. 

The report was produced for Sitra by Finpro and Remburssi – the Association of International Business.

Further information

Jukka Noponen
Executive Director, Environmental Programme
Tel. (09) 6189 9430,

Vesa-Matti Lahti
Research Manager, Head of Sitra’s India Programme
Tel. +358 50 6189 9446,

Jukka Loikala
Senior Consultant
Tel. 040 3433 421,

Remburssi – Association of International Business  
Jonas Alam
CDM Project Manager
Tel. +358 50 326 8227,  

Publication details

Opportunities for Finnish Environmental Technology in India
Jukka Loikala et al.
Sitra Reports 63, Edita Prima Ltd.
Helsinki 2006.

You may order the report from Sitra, tel. +358 (9) 618 991, e-mail: The report (pdf) and ordering form are also available on Sitra’s website »

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