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European markets open for Vivoxid’s bioactive glass

Vivoxid Ltd has registered two new products for marketing in the European Union.


Press release 25 October 2004 Vivoxid Ltd. Vivoxid Ltd (Turku, Finland) has registered two new products for marketing in the European Union. Obtaining a CEmark after careful control is a significant achievement in the health-care sector. CE approval was obtained for products aimed at solving medical problems in the head and neck / cranio-maxillofacial area, namely antibacterial bioactive glass granules for remedying frontal sinus and bone defects and a bioactive glass plate for the repair of the orbital floor. The products will be marketed under the trademarks AbMinCranio™granules and AbMinCranio™plate. Bioactive glass products hold substantial commercial potential. Bioactive glass offers a number of new application areas in the future in medicine and dentistry. The Company has a wide development programme of new bioactive glass products. Long-term achievement The first scientific studies with bioactive glass were conducted, according to Vivoxid’s CEO Kauko Kurkela, as early as the middle of the 80’s at Åbo Akademi University (Turku, Finland) and at the University of Turku (Turku, Finland). The present achievement has been preceded by thorough clinical research at the University Hospital of Turku for over ten years. New help for head and neck / craniomaxillofacial problems AbMinCranio™granules is an excellent choice for curing frontal sinus and bone defects in the treatment of chronic infections of the frontal sinus. The material enhances the growth of new bone, sustains the formed bone and has antibacterial effects. Clinical experience from the past ten years has been very positive. Bioactive glass has also been developed into a solid plate for the reconstruction of a broken orbital floor, often caused by sporting injuries, accidents or violence, for example. The broken orbital wall is replaced with an AbMinCranio™plate, reconstructing the wall again. An undisputed benefit of AbMinCranioTM compared to other materials available on the market today is its antibacterial properties. The new products are expected to significantly improve the outcome of operations. Substantial commercial potential AbMinCranio™granules is a new product without a genuine rival. AbMinCranio™plate challenges its numerous competitors with its antibacterial properties. Around 20 000 operations are performed worldwide in both the aforementioned indications. Although the products are currently for a niche market as registered for cranial indications, they hold substantial commercial potential after being further developed for much wider indication areas such as the orthopaedic area. Vivoxid markets the products in the Nordic countries itself, while a marketing partner is being sought for the other European countries. After European markets have been entered, the company will focus on the markets in North America, Japan and other countries. Vivoxid Ltd. Vivoxid develops, manufactures and markets new biomaterial products for tissue repair and regeneration in dentistry, head and neck, orthopaedic and wound care areas. In addition to bioactive glass products it develops bioactive glass / polymer composites, cellulose sponge products and titanium gel coatings. Vivoxid has a licensing agreement with a US company and already receives royalty fees from this deal. The agreement covers certain dental products for the North American market and certain dental products for global markets. Vivoxid is located at the Turku Science Park and is experiencing remarkable growth. The Finnish National Fund for Research and Development (Sitra) has played a major role in developing the company as a co-owner since 2002. For further informantio contact CEO Kauko Kurkela, Vivoxid Ltd, tel. +358 2 2518466 Email: Chairman of the Board, Director Juha Vapaavuori, Finnish National Fund for Research and Development (Sitra), tel. +358 9 6189 9215