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Finnish success at the European Business Awards for the Environment

The winners were announced in Brussels during Green Week, the European Commission's major annual environmental conference.


Media release 2 June 2006

The winners of the European Business Awards for the Environment organised by the European Commission were announced in Brussels on 1 June during Green Week, the Commission’s major annual environmental conference. YIT Construction Services shared first place and Fortum Power and Heat was placed among the leading three companies in their respective categories. Twelve companies were nominated for the finals.

“The whole process of the European Business Awards for the Environment – including the domestic stage – was a wonderful showcase for Finnish know-how,” says Jukka Noponen, Executive Director of Sitra’s Environmental Programme. “We need to be even more active and daring to market our competence in international forums. Few countries had two finalists shortlisted from amongst over one hundred entries.”

“The 12 companies nominated for the EBA are living proof that successful businesses are integrating environmental imperatives into their operations,” said Stavros Dimas, Environment Commissioner, in his address.

YIT joint winner of the Co-operation Award

YIT Construction Services shared the International Co-operation Award for Sustainable Development. This category awarded companies for international partnerships that contribute to environmental protection, economic development and social equity in a developing country or an economy in transition.

YIT Construction Services participated in the competition with the south-west waste water treatment plant project in St Petersburg. The motivation for awarding YIT Construction Services:

“The jury recognises extremely clear objectives: it has led to reduced pollution in the Baltic Sea and improved its condition. The initiative has led to a project completed almost on time and below budget. The project provided employment and on-the-job training for the first public-private partnership (PPP) in Russia. This is a project with major impact for the Baltic Sea and is an excellent example of the application of the PPP principle to project development.”

Fortum short-listed for the Process Award

Fortum Power and Heat Oy was short-listed for the Process Award. The award is given for developing and adapting new production technology that promotes sustainable development in particular.

Fortum Power and Heat Oy participated with a cost-efficient combustion technology for NOx reduction in large combustion plants. The jury’s reasons for shortlisting Fortum Power and Heat Oy:

“The jury emphasised that the process contributes directly to the alleviation of climate change. This technology can be used widely in facilities burning solid fuel (coal) in the EU and in other parts of the world. The jury acknowledged that the abatement of NOx emission as end-of-pipe technology is expensive and that this project, by preventing the generation of NOx, delivers a cost-effective process at source.”


The Management Award

  • Sotral, SpA, Italy
    Exemplary environmental management in the field of catering logistics

The Product Award
Joint winners

  • Windsave Ltd, United Kingdom
    The Windsave Plug’n’Save wind turbine
  • DTS OABE, SL, Spain
    Nupilac Hidro: The only organic solvent-free insecticide lacquer on the market

The Process Award

  • Volkswagen, AG, Germany
    A mechanical process for turning waste into a resource

The International Cooperation Award
Joint winners

  • iD-L inspired innovations, Netherlands
  • YIT Construction Services, Finland
    South-West WasteWater Treatment in St. Petersburg

There was only one prize awarded in each category.

Further information


Jukka Noponen, Executive Director, Environmental Programme
Tel. +358 9 6189 9430 or

Laura Järvinen, Project Manager, Environmental Programme
Tel. +358 9 6189 9407,

Fortum Power and Heat Oy

Marja Englund, Product Manager
Tel. +358 10 4511 or

Petra Lundström, Technology Manager
Tel. +358 10 4511 or

YIT Construction Services, Finland

Matti Ranta, General Director
Tel. +358 50 433 111,

Veikko Myllyperkiö, Vice President, Corporate Communications, YIT Group
Tel. +358 50 433 2297,

European Commission

Johanna Lampinen
Tel. +32 2 296 77 96,

Press contacts
Lone Mikkelsen, Press Officer
Tel. +32 2 296 0567,

Background to the competition

The European Commission presents the European Business Awards for the Environment every two years. The purpose is to spotlight companies that successfully combine supporting sustainable development with innovation and profitability.

The Awards are presented in four categories: Management, Products, Processes and International Co-operation. The European Business Awards for the Environment are presented by the Directorate General for Environment. In order for a company to participate in the competition, it must first qualify in the national competition. The Finnish competition was organised by the Finnish National Fund for Research and Development, Sitra.

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