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INNOFINLAND Prizes of the President of the Rebublic 2006

The national INNOFINLAND Prizes were awarded for the 13th time on the National Innovation Day on 28 November 2006.


The national INNOFINLAND Prizes of the President of the Republic 2006 were awarded for the 13th time in the Presidential Palace on the National Innovation Day on 28 November 2006.

Five equal national INNOFINLAND Prizes and two honourable mentions were presented. The prizewinners received an INNOFINLAND statuette and an honorary diploma.

The prizewinners are the sorts of innovative businesses that are needed for the Finnish industry and service sector. The key to the success of Finland is how we are able to develop new internationally competitive services in addition to technological innovations.

The theme for INNOFINLAND 2006 was ‘Turning skill and ideas into service products’. The theme highlighted businesses that have created service innovations and turned them into products or combined the service innovations with technological products. INNOFINLAND 2006 received entries from 222 businesses, organisations or persons. They were first judged by the regional T&E Centres. The provinces of Satakunta, Kymenlaakso and Uusimaa were particularly active participants. A major part of the entries came from the technology industry and the ICT and service sector.

President of the Republic Tarja Halonen together with the Chairman of the INNOFINLAND Jury, President of the NBPR Martti Enäjärvi and the Chairman of the Working Committee, Executive Director Juha Jutila presented the national INNOFINLAND Prize 2006 to the following businesses:

  • Footbalance System Oy, Helsinki: Footbalance product and service concept for custom-made insoles
  • Silecs Oy, Espoo: Polymeric material technology that improves the performance of storage, logic and digital devices and reduces power consumption
  • Solving Oy Ab, Pietarsaari: Custom-made heavy load handling system
  • Suomen Tenava päiväkoti Oy, Espoo: Novel day-care concept
  • Suorakanava Oy, Pori: Interactive online service for builders

The honourable mentions went to

  • Idean Research Oy, Espoo: User-oriented research and design in the mobile and telecommunication branch
  • Tieto-Oskari Oy, Kajaani: New condition analysis system for constructions

In addition, each T&E Centre has presented their regional INNOFINLAND Prizes. In addition to the INNOFINLAND Prizes, the National Innovation Day ceremony on 28 November 2006 includes the presentation of the annual prizes in the INNOINT Invention Contest for Conscripts and the INNOSCHOOL Innovation Event for school pupils.

Further details of the prizewinners

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