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Jätkäsaari eco block continues under SRV leadership


SRV will take over the the development responsibility for the office complex in the Jätkäsaari eco block from Sitra. Sitra will continue in a supervisory role and ensure that the original goals of sustainable well-being are met.  SRV will carry out the project in partnership with VVO Group and Sitra will continue as a member of the project steering group. According to current estimates, the block will be completed by the end of 2015.

“Jätkäsaari’s ecological building block Airut, is a demanding but interesting project. Combining sustainable development with commercial viability requires deep competence in the development process. We want to develop the best and most feasible ideas and  ensure their commercialisation and replication – this is the only way for effectively spreading innovations in our field. The success of the project relies on the dedication and commitment of our partners, including Sitra, VVO, and the City of Helsinki,” says Timo Nieminen, SRV’s  Senior Executive Vice President.

Sitra was the original originator of the low-carbon, sustainable urban development concept for Jätkäsaari, but the initial plan for Sitra to build its own new premises as part of the block has since been changed.

“Finland is facing great challenges and we find that at this moment we must focus all available human and financial resources in developing Finnish society. It is difficult for Sitra to justify investing in its own walls at a time like this. We are proud and happy that SRV, a market operator, has accepted to take lead. ”SRV’s leadership will guarantee the best commercial viability and improved replicability for the project,” says Mikko Kosonen, President of Sitra.

“Sitra’s most important task is to develop and build the Finland of the future. Our role is to develop and launch systemic change projects and later transfer the practical application of the projects to permanent, preferably commercial and social actors. This is exactly what is happening with the Jätkäsaari project,” Kosonen says.

The fact that SRV Group wants to assume the overall responsibility for building the sustainable city block, a project that has attracted international interest, is in Kosonen’s opinion a prime example of how social and ecological objectives need not be contradictory to financial realities.

“Energy-efficient and carbon-neutral development is the future. It is essential at this point in time that we identify the best models for putting this into practice. Jätkäsaari has been, and will continue to be, a tremendous opportunity to learn about sustainable building.”