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New programmes have started


The turn of the year has brought changes to Sitra’s activities. Two new programmes, Energy Programme and Programme for the development of a network-based operating model, have started whereas Environmental Programme and Russia Programme have ended as planned.

A five-year Energy Programme will focus on solutions improving the efficiency of energy use in communities. The Executive Director of the completed Environment Programme, Mr. Jukka Noponen, will continue his successful work as the Executive Director of the Energy Programme.

Programme for the development of a network-based operating model promotes the growth and internationalisation of the machine and metal industries. The duration of the programme is three years and a working group in charge of planning the programme has started its work. The chairman of the working group is Mr. Petteri Walldén, who has had a distinguished career in various industries (i.a. Nokia, Ensto and Onninen).

The year 2008 will also see the preparation of a third new programme, which will deal with the reform of municipal service production, to be launched at the beginning of 2009.

More information about Sitra’s programmes can be found at the Programmes page »