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The purchaser of the future builds partnerships and demands competitiveness

The new operating methods in the Finnish subcontracting network were discussed at the Subcontracting Trade Fair. The seminar's aim was to find new methods in order to secure the industry's success in global competition now and in the future.


At the Subcontracting Trade Fair in Tampere on 18 September, Sitra, the TRIO programme of the Technology Industries of Finland, and the Finnish Association of Logistics arranged a seminar called Tulevaisuuden ostaja rakentaa kumppanuutta ja vaatii kilpailukykyä (The purchaser of the future builds partnerships and demands competitiveness). The seminar’s aim was to find new operating methods in the Finnish subcontracting network in order to secure the industry’s success in global competition now and in the future.

The seminar’s afternoon session was opened by Professor Thomas E. Vollmann, a leading expert in the management of the order/delivery process, who has also acted as an adviser to many global companies, and has also provided these companies’ executive management with training. This year, together with Carlos Gordon, he has published a book called The Power of Two, which describes the numerous benefits of the trust-based partnership between a deliverer company and a main supplier.

– The development of the supplier/customer relationship in the industry has significant benefits for both the supplier and the customer. Developing the partnership into a ”pair of aces” type of relationship based on trust and cooperation may provide a special advantage for companies in the industry, Vollmann pointed out.

Sitra’s new mechanical industry growth programme was also introduced at the seminar. The programme kicked off this year, and its aim is to promote the success of the mechanical industry in Finland, and to boost the industry’s internationalisation.

– Growth and internationalisation are preconditions for a successful machine shop industry. Sitra can also contribute to the implementation of these goals by using its method selection, focusing on research and capital investment in particular. We are currently seeking suitable companies and launching the programme. We have received a lot of inquiries, and the programme seems to interest people, says Executive Director Mauri Heikintalo at Sitra.

Practical examples of the development of subcontracting were given by Normet and Junttan, which develop their subcontractor networks partially in cooperation in Northern Savo. The companies were represented by CEO Jari Osmala (Normet) and Head of Procurement Juha Vierros (Junttan). Furthermore, the seminar addressed the new operating methods in procurement, countries with a competitive cost levels, and the continuity of supplier relationships.

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