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Sense of the East – a new blog series begins

Sitra's East Asia expert Teppo Turkki examines the future for Finland and Europe as the world's economic power shifts ever eastwards...


Laura Halenius

Project Director, Competitiveness through data


As the focus of economic, innovative and cultural development moves (back) from the West to Asia, Teppo Turkki’s blog series Sense of the East examines the true meaning of this paradigm shift.

Is Finland’s future inevitably tied to the destiny of Europe? What will Finland do as Asia, fronted by China, and a confused Europe seek a new balance? What challenges and opportunities does global development present to Finland? This blog series will recognise and predict changes in the world by observing the fresh, and even radical, trends in the East from an Asian perspective.

Turkki’s first post was published under the title Sustainable growth lies eastwards.

Sitra’s strategic East Asia project monitors the development of China, Japan, the Korean Peninsula and Taiwan. The project’s Leading Specialist Teppo Turkki currently lives in Taipei City and works as a visiting researcher, posted by Sitra, at the National Chengchi University.

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