Laura Halenius

Project Director, Competitiveness through data


Laura Halenius is the Project Director of the Roadmap for a Fair Data Economy project. She and her team believe that Finland is well placed to seize the opportunities of the data economy by making fair and sustainable use of data a significant competitive advantage.

But the transition to a data economy will not happen by itself, a common roadmap is needed. With the right measures, a data economy can become a source of national competitive advantage and prosperity.


Laura has over 15 years of experience in creating social change and communications management. She holds a Master’s degree in economics and business administration.

Previously Laura worked as the Senior Lead for social marketing and public relations for Sitra’s IHAN® – Human-driven data economy project. As the lead of the IHAN project, Laura among other things, developed the concept of fair data economy and policy recommendations in collaboration with stakeholders. She also headed Finland’s national Gaia-X strategy work.

Feel free to contact Laura if you want to know more about the road map work, fair data economy and its potential as well as sustainable technologies as a future competitive advantage.

What else?

Laura’s curious mind means she spends her free time reading everything she can get her hands on and spending time with family and friends.

Laura believes that when it comes to making big social changes, collaboration is power. This requires respect for different opinions and dialogue, two of Laura’s two guiding lights.