A Roadmap for a Fair Data Economy

Data and information processed from it are vital for Finland’s economy and competitiveness. But can we make the right use of data and share it fairly so that everyone benefits – companies, the public sector and individuals? Finland needs a roadmap that outlines action on the smarter use of data.


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What is it about?

Understanding the potential of data and usefully harnessing it will have a strong impact on companies’ financial success. In the future economy, the ability to use data will also influence the progress of digitisation and green transition. Also, the rights of people and companies in a digital world need to be agreed on. This also requires rules and infrastructure.

But society’s transition to a data economy does not happen by itself. In Finland, the transition is slowed down by a lack of and siloed understanding of the data economy, barriers to data sharing, skills gaps and attitudes.

Finland needs to find ways to accelerate the building of the data economy in order to strengthen national competitiveness and enable the data economy to generate prosperity. Now we are lagging behind international developments. That is why we need a roadmap and shared commitment to change direction.

Finland has the opportunity to make the fair and sustainable use of data a competitive advantage. A fair data economy is based on reliability, transparency and respect for the rights of individuals and organisations. A fair organisation creates value with data not only for its own operations but also for its customers and society generally.

What do we do?

We want Finland to renew itself and succeed by tapping into the opportunities of the data economy. Our task is to find out how.

The vision of a fair data economy guides our work. The transition to a data-driven society is built on European values, people-centred and fair.

We will creating roadmap for the data economy through strong public-private partnerships. We will analyse the current state, foundations and keys to success of the data economy. In particular, we will address the challenges of data mobility, skills, collaborative networks and responsible data handling. We will influence regulatory developments to support the progress and growth of the data economy and ensure a level playing field.

We will create a forward-looking understanding of the emerging data economy and its importance for Finland’s competitiveness and people’s well-being. We create a foresight model that identifies the drivers of change and trends of the data economy, which will benefit Finnish companies, decision-makers and society.

We will inspire businesses, experts, civil servants and policy makers to get behind a shared vision of a fair data economy. We will help different actors to see the opportunities in the future data-driven economy.

We believe that Finland has the potential to become an international pioneer of a fair and sustainable data economy.

What has been achieved?

The Roadmap for a Fair Data Economy project started on 1 November 2021. In project preparation, Finland’s strengths for success in the data economy, and bottlenecks in the data economy have been analysed and identified together with companies, ministries, research institutes and organisations.

In addition, the outlook for Finland’s data economy has been compared to that of key competitor countries.

The creation of a national roadmap starts in early 2022. Join us in turning Finland into a forerunner of a fair data economy.

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