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Sitra Annual Report 2007

The Annual Report provides specific information on the aims of our activities and our accomplishments in 2007.


The year 2007 marked the 40th anniversary of Sitra’s establishment, an occasion celebrated together with our partners in a number of ways over the course of the year. A commemorative book depicting the history of Sitra was also published, a first of its kind that splendidly outlines the fundamental mission of Sitra: to build the successful Finland of tomorrow.

In 2007, Sitra’s Board of Directors rated the programme-based operating model as the most effective means of furthering Sitra’s mission. Decisions on the commencement of new programmes in 2008 were taken towards the end of the year. The Energy Programme and the Growth Programme for the Mechanical Industry are expected to make valuable contributions to Finland’s growth potential.

The very first of Sitra’s programmes, the Environmental and Russia Programmes launched in 2004, were also brought to a successful close in the year under review. The new operating models developed in these programmes have endured, and it is apparent that the programme-based strategy is here to stay. The ongoing Health Care Programme, the Food and Nutrition Programme (ERA) and the India Programme also continued with great success.

Sitra reports good financial result for 2007

Sitra funds its activities with its endowment capital and returns from capital investments. The year 2007 was again one of good financial performance for Sitra, providing a solid foundation for Sitra’s established role as a force in society and in the development and funding of business activities.

The market value of Sitra’s endowment capital increased to €821 million from €767 million at the end of the previous financial year. Return from endowment capital was 7,5%, and financing activities also yielded good returns. The volume of Sitra’s funding decisions was €42 million in 2007, and the net profit for the year was €66.1 million.

The enclosed Annual Report provides more specific information on the aims of our activities and our accomplishments in 2007.

Sitra’s annual report 2007 can be downloaded (pdf) via websites.

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