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Sitra invested in energy-saving services

Sitra has invested in Kodin Onniset Oy, a company offering energy-saving services. The company offers energy-saving solutions and services to consumers and business customers.


Sitra has invested in Kodin Onniset Oy, a company offering energy-saving services. The company offers energy-saving solutions and services to consumers and business customers. The demand for these services has remained on the increase regardless of the economic trends, but the demand and the existing wide offering are not yet meeting in an efficient manner. The service concept of Kodin Onniset Oy is to meet this challenge.
Improved energy efficiency in the built environment is a key method to mitigate climate change. In most cases, energy efficient solutions also bring savings. The focus should therefore be on identifying services that are the most cost-efficient and simultaneously the most practical in terms of customer needs.  

– The company’s business operations are perfectly in line with the goals of Sitra’s Energy Programme, as they help reduce energy consumption in the built environment and improve consumers’ opportunities to create savings themselves, says Business Director Sami Tuhkanen of Sitra’s Energy Programme.
– The company’s operation model also enables the provision of both equipment and services as well as a rapid expansion of the partner network, which all create interesting opportunities from the investor perspective.  

– We are extremely pleased that Sitra has come onboard, says Teemu Pääkkö, CEO of Kodin Onniset Oy.
– We can now develop our service products much faster for both the consumer and b-to-b sectors. As the leading provider of energy-saving services, we will be able to consolidate our position in the field, which will benefit our customers through versatile and competitive options.  

Kodin Onniset Oy has grown substantially over the past year. It currently employs more than 30 professionals, and aims to recruit another 40 employees this year. At the same time, the supply chain of the company is being strengthened and expanded throughout Finland. There are also plans to open sales outlets in 7 to 10 locations this year.   

– We have been an attractive employer from the word go, which is why we have managed to hire extremely good staff, says Pääkkö.
– We will continue to ensure that the job opportunities we offer will attract the very best.  Employees need to feel content with their choice and receive a competitive level of income.  

– We will be increasingly investing in online services. Currently, the various calculators and energy-saving tips available on our website are visited by thousands of visitors each month. Our services also include the popular online shop at, which provides a wide range of energy efficient products. We want to serve customers interested in saving energy through all the key channels and in this way make energy saving easier for everyone, concludes Pääkkö.     

Further information

Sami Tuhkanen, Business Director, Sitra Energy Programme
Tel. +358 40 548 3482, 

Teemu Pääkkö, CEO, Kodin Onniset Oy
Tel. +358 44 586 6700, » (in Finnish) » (in Finnish)  

Sitra’s Energy Programme contributes to improving the energy-efficiency of the built environment and the energy awareness of Finns, in addition to creating new business opportunities from the transition that the energy sector is undergoing. The programme will seek innovative operating models and technologies to attain improved energy efficiency and invests in companies within the sector to accelerate their growth and internationalisation.  

Kodin Onniset Oy is a company specialising in the provision of energy-saving services. Established in 2007, Kodin Onniset Oy has been a pioneer in bringing the multichannel service concept to the consumer. The company aims to employ 60 to 70 professionals by the end of 2009. Its net sales in 2009 are expected to reach approximately EUR 5 million.    

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