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Sitra to launch first focus programmes

The first programmes will deal with health care, improvement of the innovation business and Russia.


Press release 31 August 2004 The Board of Directors of the Finnish National Fund for Research and Development Sitra have decided on the first focus programmes in accordance with its new strategy. The first programmes will deal with health care, improvement of the innovation business and Russia. The main challenge for the strategy period 2005–2007 is to increase the impact of activities. Sitra aims to enhance its operations by concentrating its resources on a few selected priorities. The first focus programmes, led by programme managers to be appointed later, will start in the autumn. The programmes will utilise a wide variety of measures chosen on the basis of the needs of each focus area. They will be implemented in close co-operation with the actors and experts in the areas. Focus: Improvement of innovation business The aim is to make Finland a pioneer of innovation. We need an innovation environment that will attract high-standard competence, investment and businesses. The programme will pool the resources of the central actors in the region. The aim is to draw up an action programme and agree on the division of responsibilities for its efficient implementation. Focus: Russia The aim is to create a national strategy for Russia, promote Finnish know-how on Russia in different ways and improve the circumstances for business investment – by SMEs in particular – as well as enhance co-operation opportunities in Russia. Focus: Health care The programme aims at the improvement of the quality and productivity of Finnish health care services with the help of new technology in particular. The programme implements projects, which, for example, enhance collaboration between the private and public sector, improve logistics in health services and promote the efficiency of support actions and real-estate management. In addition, the board decided to implement a small-scale focus programme on India. This will increase Finland’s competence regarding India. In the autumn, Sitra will prepare two new focus programmes to be initiated during the strategy period, and decide on these by the end of the year.Further information: Esko Aho, President, tel. +358 9 6189 9432 Kari Tolvanen, Vice President, tel. +358 9 6189 9270 Laura Niemi, Communications, tel. +358 9 6189 942