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Sitra outlines its activities: new programmes to be launched


Sitra’s Board drew up in its strategy meeting Sitra’s future activities for the strategy period 2008–2010. According to the Board, the programme-based operating model, which Sitra launched in 2004, has proved an efficient way of attaining Sitra’s basic goals. The Board subsequently decided that Sitra’s operations will continue to be developed as programme-based.

Sitra will launch new programmes

The Board also decided on new programmes to be launched in the next strategy period. Two new programmes will be launched at the beginning of 2008. A five-year energy programme will focus on solutions improving the efficiency of energy use in communities. In addition, a three-year programme for the development of a network-based operating model will be established to promote the growth and internationalisation of the machine and metal industries.

The year 2008 will also see the preparation of a third new programme, which will deal with the reform of municipal service production, to be launched at the beginning of 2009.

Of the programmes launched in the current strategy period, the Health Care Programme will continue until the end of 2009 and the Food and Nutrition Programme until the end of 2008. The Russia Programme and the Environmental Programme will be completed at the end of 2007 and the India Programme at the end of April 2008, as planned.

Sitra’s foresight activities will in future be employed in a more effective manner when mapping out new programme areas. Such potential new areas include security technology and, of geographical areas of interest, Latin America and the Islamic world.

Partnerships and internationalisation

– With the programme-based operations, Sitra has become an important link in facilitating the utilisation of technology investments both in the private and the public sectors. We will continue to strengthen our innovation activities and link them even more integrally with Sitra’s competencies in business development and funding, says President Esko Aho.

Sitra will also launch international advisor activities for recruiting top experts from abroad.

– They will inject new skills and insight into our operating areas. Advisor activities could be used, for example, in the development of universities. Will we also increase domestic expert exchange between those involved in the Finnish innovation system, says Aho.

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