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Sitra strengthens its training role


Sitra’s sustainable financial policy leadership courses and the Synergise Finland forums are now established and restore Sitra’s position as an active organiser of social training. The role of training at Sitra is further strengthened with its training expertise being channelled into a separate unit, headed by the Executive Vice President Tapio Anttila.

Sitra has a long tradition of organising training. There were 63 popular financial policy leadership courses between 1977 and 2005, with more than 2 000 Finnish decision-makers from various fields taking part. As Sitra’s strategy shifted in 2005 towards programme-oriented social development, large-scale training operations were discontinued.

“Over the years, we have received several requests to relaunch our training operations,” says Mikko Kosonen, President of Sitra. “There was especially demand for Sitra’s expertise as an independent trainer in financial policy leadership. That’s why we decided to look into the possibility of financial policy leadership training in the 2010s and to relaunch our course operations from a new starting point, after a gap of almost ten years.”

The sustainable financial policy leadership training was launched with a pilot course a year ago, with the first actual course in May-June 2013. The second course was organised in the autumn and a third course is currently under way. The purpose of sustainable financial policy leadership training is to offer information and fresh perspectives on financial issues and changes in the operating environment. Special attention is paid to involving the perspectives of sustainable development and human focus in financial decision-making.

Sitra has developed the concept in co-operation with Aalto University Executive Education Oy. Sitra will eventually take over full responsibility for the training programme.

“The expertise of Aalto University Executive Education was very valuable to Sitra as we returned to course operations after a long break,” says Director Paula Laine.

Mikko Kosonen says Sitra’s special strengths as a trainer are extensive social networking, strong future-driven operations and an approach that promotes networking and inclusion of various sectors of society. “We have a lot of in-house expertise in social training, so as our training operations are strengthened it’s only natural we take a clear role, including the sustainable financial policy leadership training.”

The following two concepts currently form the basis for Sitra’s training operations: The sustainable financial policy leadership training for decision-makers and, in line with Sitra’s strategic themes, the Synergise Finland forum for societal developers.

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