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Sitra updated its visual image

The new visual image is suited to conveying Sitra´s key message


Press release 17 February 2005 The changes in Sitra’s operations are now apparent through our new visual image. The new visual image is better suited to conveying our key message, and builds our image as an actor in society that has an impact, creates networks and brings forth new thinking.The new visual appearance consists of a new logo, colour scheme and graphic elements. The new visual image will be introduced in stages: first on our website and printed materials. During the spring, the signage, illuminated advertisements and flags will follow suit. Logo The logo is a modernised version of Sitra’s previous logo designed by Erkki Ruuhinen in 1986. The formal idiom in the new logo, in which letters and the stable form they create, communicates reliability and responsibility. The varying width of the letters, on the other hand, reveals that the actor behind the logo is creative and visionary. Timeless and streamlined, the logo perfectly matches Sitra’s current and future operations. Colours Sitra’s new main colours are purple and yellow. Purple is a strong, active colour. A bluish hue, it refers to Finland. Yellow is a vibrant, effective colour, and is visible in our new image through small figures or surprising colour surfaces. The grey supporting colours give dignity and reliability to the overall impression. The colour scheme has been diversified with three additional colours: red, orange and turquoise. Shapes The shapes used in Sitra’s visual image reiterate a square shape, conveying the idea of Sitra as the reformer of society. They illustrate our emphasis on networking and co-operation. The new visual image is designed by Mikko Nilsson and Juha Pohjola from Evia Helsinki. Further details: Sitra Communications, Laura Niemi, tel. + 358 9 6189 9421