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Sitra’s list of the best circular economy examples grows by 35

The number of interesting Finnish examples of the circular economy is increasing. The list of enterprises maintained by Sitra has now expanded to cover 54 companies. These forerunners of the circular economy will be among those highlighted when 1,500 influential figures from the world economy gather in Helsinki for the first ever World Circular Economy Forum, from 5 to 7 June.


Companies’ modes of operation and the models they use for earning money are changing. The old ways of making a profit will not always work in business in the future. Sitra wants to present Finland’s most inspiring examples of enterprises implementing the circular economy Finland’s most inspiring examples of enterprises implementing the circular economy via a list first made public in October 2016, so that all Finnish companies are given the opportunity to be among the first in the world to make the transition to the circular economy.

“There were 19 companies on the first list. With the list, we challenged Finnish companies to respond to the needs of a changing world and to inform us about interesting operating models that work in accordance with the circular economy,” says circular economy specialist Heikki Sorasahi.

The most interesting examples on the updated list are still divided according to the five business models of the circular economy. Participating enterprises include Raisioagro, which produces fish powder from Baltic Sea fish; MaaS Global, which combines different types of exercise into a service package;, which offers a turnkey model for online sales of used clothing; and Ecofer, which uses its technology to recycle slag from steel production.

A circular economy does not constantly produce ever-increasing amounts of goods: production is based on the use of services, rather than buying – on sharing, renting and recycling. Materials are therefore not ultimately destroyed – new products are made out of them again and again. You can read about what a forerunner Finland is in this new economic model in our web article.

Helsinki to welcome 1,500 experts in June

Sitra, together with numerous international institutions, will hold the first ever World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki from 5 to 7 June 2017. The best circular economy solutions in Finland and the world will be on show, combining business activity with environmental responsibility, and based on the implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The event will attract some 1,500 influential figures from the circular economy world, from more than 90 countries.

Over 130 top speakers from five continents will also attend the event, including leading business figures and political decision-makers, as well as people working with non-governmental organisations and innovation. Speakers will include Anirban Ghosh, ‎Chief Sustainability Officer at the Mahindra Group in India; Amra Balic, Managing Director of the US financial planning and investment management company BlackRock; Janez Potočnik, co-chair of the UNEP International Resource Panel; Ashok Khosla, founder and director-general of the Development Alternatives company; and Achim Steiner, who will start as the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme in June.

“From the point of view of the companies, the products and business models of the circular economy will help reduce costs, manage risks and create additional income,” according to Mari Pantsar, head of Sitra’s carbon-neutral circular economy theme.

“Society is already moving away from the present linear consumption economy where there is little recycling and products are thrown away after use. The circular economy offers efficient ways to fight climate change, reduce the amount of waste and create new jobs.”

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