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Tell us about your idea or project that helps to build sustainable economy


Our understanding of the economy is changing dramatically: the global debt and financial crisis challenges present structures and ways of working; climate change indicates that societies are not ecologically sustainable; and global inequality and increasing income differences call for more socially sustainable solutions.

Sitra called the Sustainable Economy Forum in autumn 2012. The task of the 30 people from different sectors of society is to identify the forces of change which have an impact on economic thinking. We are now looking for ideas, solutions, or projects which are already in progress, and which shift the thinking from sustainable economy to actual steps in policy or concrete activity. The forum attendees defined “sustainable economy” as follows:

The goal of sustainable economy is to provide people with well-being in an equal way. Sustainable economy does not cause an excessive burden on the globe. It is based on an economic system which is capable of adjustments and changes, and which is controlled through open, transparent, diverse, and democratic principles. Sustainable economy has its sights set far into the future, it identifies future success factors and solutions across generations.                            

Do you have a project or an idea which is already promoting or which would promote sustainable economic thinking? Would your idea promote grassroots economic activity, a new kind of entrepreneurship or sustainable global solutions in the economic, social or ecological sectors? Would it be possible to build policy decisions on the ideas? This means that we are looking for projects and ideas which would help our forum attendees to renew their sustainable economy thinking.

Please use the attached form to tell us about your idea or project by 16 January 2013. We will reward the three best projects and ideas with EUR 1,000. We will invite the people and organisations behind the best ideas and projects to introduce their ideas to economy policy decision makers and to network with other contributors to sustainable economy.

In the forum, we have discussed the following challenges, among others, and we are looking for ideas to tackle them:

  • How is sustainable economy created through business operations? How can the operating conditions of sustainable economy be improved?
  • Through what kind of new operating models can individuals and organisations promote sustainable economy? How can this role be enabled?
  • How can the crisis-prone economic system be made more capable of adjustments and changes?
  • How is the transition in working life, having the energy to work, well-being at work, and economic development combined in a sustainable way?
  • How is green growth achieved? How is economy developed without increasing the use of natural resources, and the emissions of greenhouse gases?
  • How can the structures and operating models of the welfare society be updated for more well-being, less inequality, and well-balanced public finances even as the dependency ratio is weakening?
  • How can economy decisions be made in a more open, transparent, democratic and long-term way?

We are looking for ideas and projects which have an impact on sustainable economy goals, which are feasible, can be promoted through economic policy, are encouraging, have an enabling approach and are innovative.

Please note that the information concerning the project or idea will be published openly online on the Sitra website for commenting and that the information will be used in the work performed by the Sustainable Economy Forum. Please only supply public information concerning your project or idea.

The projects and ideas will appear on this site as soon as we receive them. They can be openly commented on through the site. The winners will be announced at the major sustainable economy event in April.  However, we will already contact you personally before that time.

Submit your project or your idea through the Digium survey here.

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