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What are future jobs made of?

What are future jobs made of? This is the question posed in the book A Finland of solutions – Dreams into jobs.


What are future jobs made of? This is the question posed in the book A Finland of solutions – Dreams into jobs.

The key message of the book is the theme “Work for all”. The book contains eight articles on the potential for creating new jobs in Finland. The common message from all the writers is that Finland – one of the winners when it comes to globalisation – can no longer rely on old methods to succeed in the future. We need new models of work and working practices, leadership and the development of new products and services.

An essential theme running through the book is competence integration. It is not enough that we are technological and commercial whizzes alone. We must further deepen our understanding of consumer behaviour and involve the customer and end-user in the development of products and services. Competitiveness is based on combining business functions and research with an analysis of consumer behaviour.

Finnish industry must step up to the next level. This requires creative thinking, and for this the book provides ideas and food for thought. The writers explain through numerous examples how the traditional Finnish industrial sectors – the technology, forestry, construction and food industries – have already successfully redesigned their operations and created new businesses – and new jobs

The themes of the book are high technology, the chemicals industry, forest industry, construction, food industry, entrepreneurship and consumerism. The nine writers are influential representatives of the Finnish business and university community: Jaakko Kiander, Armi Temmes and Liisa Välikangas, Harri Kerminen, Pekka Lundmark, Heli Arantola, Timo Luukkainen, Kirsi Piha and Marko Parkkinen. The book also includes an interview with each writer in which they talk about their dreams and visions.

The book is published as part of Sitra’s Growth Programme for the Mechanical Industry and it is a sequel to a book published by Sitra in 2010 (Teollinen Suomi, ”Industrial Finland”) which discussed the meaning and reorganisation of production after the most recent financial crisis.

Ratkaisujen Suomi – Unelmista totta (Otava, 2011) was edited by Riitta Korhonen, managing editor at Sanoma Magazines Finland, and Pekka Salmi, Leading Specialist at Sitra. Photos are by photographer Saana Säilynoja