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Aarne Granlund

Project Coordinator, Carbon-neutral circular economy, Sitra


Aarne Granlund works on Sitra’s Carbon-neutral circular economy theme. He is studying and researching the delivery of the Paris Climate Agreement’s mitigation obligations for the long-term stabilisation of climate change, focusing on climate action in Finland and other Nordic countries.


Aarne is interested in the causes of climate change and in the systematic prevention of its worst consequences. The climate situation is changing rapidly and structural action is imperative for climate stabilisation. Nevertheless, there is reason for confidence because working solutions and people with an enthusiasm for climate matters are easy to find in Finland.

As a student, Aarne has worked with contract law tasks for an international energy company and has assisted research at the Centre of Excellence in the Foundations of European Law and Polity at the University of Helsinki. Networking with international climate experts provides Aarne with fresh information on the progression of climate change and climate action.

Aarne is continuing his earlier international law studies in the UArctic system in Norway and Iceland, focusing on Arctic climate change and climate policy.

What else?

Aarne can often be found fly fishing for tasty catch either in waters near Helsinki or in Lapland, using extremely low-carbon methods. When Aarne is online, his sharing of information and views expressed on Twitter are worth following.

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